The Middle Grind 

Hello, blog readers! 

We apologize for such a delay in our posting! It has been quite a long time and we really have been meaning to blog but it’s hard to find the time. Currently we are hanging out in a Dunkin Donuts in Harrisburg, PA waiting for my FAMILY to get here for a visit tomorrow, so we finally have time! We are SO excited for some much needed family time. Since we have missed SO much we are going to update via a list and pictures. To be honest, after four months, hiking is hiking is hiking is hiking. We live in the woods, and occasionally have adventures there, or occasionally have adventures in a town. There isn’t much to say about the actual hiking right now– lots of trees! 

Things that have happened lately: A LIST by Moonbow and Lightning Bug, featuring Spaghettie (sic) and El Mundo (in no particular order) 

  • Passed the unofficial halfway point and visited the Appalachian Trail Conservancy in Harpers Ferry, WV. 


  • Saw a movie with the guys in Front Royal and it was so cute! (Pixar’s Inside Out


  • Passed the Mason Dixon Line and are officially in the North (the South was good to us, but we are excited for this new change)


  • FINISHED VIRGINA. This was huge. Over a quarter of the trail is located in VA. It took forever and we thought we would never leave. It felt like incredible progress when we left it! 


  • Passed thru West Virginia 



  • Finished Maryland (40+miles) 



  • Had a last-minute and wonderous visit with my BEST FRIEND EVER work out, and we got to spend the 4th of July eating amazing food from Whole Foods on Annapolis Rocks, seeing fireworks and being with some of the people we love most in the world 



  • Hitch-hiked over 20 miles to eat Chipotle and met an AMAZING former thru-hiker who took us in. She helped the 4 of us plus packs fit in a tiny car that had already had the results of a Costco trip in it. She took us to her home, let us shower, did our laundry FOR US, took us to do our resupply and took us to STARBUCKS. They were so incredibly generous it was unbelievable!!!! We had such a wonderful day with Mckenzie and her family. THANK YOU, to these Trail Angels❤️❤️


  • We passed the official halfway point for 2015 and it was not as exciting as we thought!
  • We entered (and are almost done with) Pennsylvania and it started out lovely but then became as rocky and horrendous as they say. We do not love it. 
  • Lightning Bug got LOST from the group for almost 45 minutes on a side trail no one else knew existed. She had known a tricky turn was on that part of the trail so we didn’t expect her to get lost, so naturally we thought she was kidnapped. In retrospect we laugh about it but in the moment it was terrifying and we all rallied to find her. We almost called 911 but luckily SHE FOUND US before we pressed dial!! 
  • Moonbow almost (SO CLOSE) stepped on a huge timber rattlesnake. It was TERRIFYING 
  • We did our biggest day (23.2 miles) 
  • We have been doing about 15-22 miles a day, because the terrain has flattened out a lot. It is pretty forest sometimes but overall pretty underwhelming. A Long Green Tunnel…
  • LB took a fall and has a pretty bad bruise but is okay
  • We got rained on a ton and are tired of soggy shoes 
  • LB’s boots broke and she got new shoes, entering the world of trail runners!! 
  • LB got a haircut from the most old school, all-American EIGHTY-NINE YEAR OLD barber in Port Clinton, PA. It was amazing. 


  • Our crew reunited with our other trail friends from beginning “the squad” and we had a fabulous reunion weekend in Harrisburg, PA at the home of our friend Buttercup. We swam and chilled hard for two days. 



  • During said reunion we drove as a crew 10 deep, over 1.5 hours to eat At an ALL YOU CAN EAT AMISH BUFFET. Best experience ever. So full it hurt. 



  • Hiked during big time tornado warnings and it was terrifying. Terrifying. 
  • Went to the biggest Cabelas in the world 
  • Took a Canadian to Dunkin Donuts for the first time 
  • Had to burn our beloved kitty cat coloring book in a magical multi-colored fire 
  • Spaghettie made us cheesecake In a bag at the end of a long rocky day as a surprise and it was SO GOOD 
  • got hooked on cereal big time. Big time. 
  • Passed 1,200 mile marker 
  • HAVE LESS THAN 1,000 miles left to MAINE! Officially back in triple digits. 😃

Overall, we are in the middle grind. The mid-Atlantic is underwhelming and we don’t love it. We cross roads and towns all the time and it is definitely not the wilderness experience as much anymore. It’s sort of a daily routine to just get miles done and living in the woods is loosing it’s shiny ness. We miss being dry when we wake up and we miss good coffee. We are certainly homesick. BUT we have come this far and we have an INCREDIBLE support system in our trail family, especially our best pals Spaghettie and El Mundo. They keep us positive and having adventures and we are so lucky to have them!!! 

We are looking forward to a much needed break with family and so excited for some activities other than hiking and seeing baby john!!!!!! We are also endlessly grateful for their love and support. Could not do it without them. 

Thanks for reading, and for waiting!!!!


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