Mile 700, and Big Challenges 

So it turns out that as you start doing bigger mile days, taking fewer zeros and being generally exhausted from heat and humidity, you start to neglect your blog :/ we apologize to our readers for being lazy about blogging! 

Is been quite an adventure since coming back from our vacation.  We are behind the bubble the started with, and at first that was tough, but we have met a lot of cool new people and realizing that there are so many amazing people on the trail, and that trail family is basically infinite!! 

We have been dealing a bit with some knee issues, and that has definitely been frustrating. My (moonbow) knee has been acting up and at first it was pretty scary, wondering if it was gonna force us off the trail… Thankfully it has gotten better and we have been able to slay miles again!! The week we got back and the knee was hurting we were back to miles as low as the week we started! It was pretty frustrating when the rest of our bodies wanted to go back to fast miles in the teens! FINALLY And thankfully after a few weeks we ARE BACK!  This week we did over 100 miles in six days and two 20-mile days!! We were EXHAUSTED by the end and we needed a zero bad. Finally we were able to relax, when we got to Daleville, Virginia and stayed at the Howard Johnson Inn with a SWIMMING POOL! So many of our new trail friends were there and it was a super fun time. We shared a room with our friends Timber and Rocket, and that was a lot of fun getting to know them more. We are loving getting to know lots of our new friends and also excited as we catch up with old friends and are still super stoked to find lots of our favorites as we catch them or they catch up with us!!! 

Is been very interesting as the trail progresses seeing how the culture changes. Before Trail Days, in the first 500 miles it was like everyone together, not too worried about miles and just party party party. After Trail Days lots of bubbles got split up, people started doing bigger miles, having off-trail obligations, or, getting off the trail for good 😦 the vibe now is definitely now more about hiking than partying, and about figuring out what “hike your own hike” really means for each and every one of us. 

For us, hiking our own hike means having fun, and also knowing our own limits for miles and not hurting our bodies. It also means not getting bogged down in other people’s ideas of a thru-hike and mile expectations and timelines. It means just feeling good about how hard we work to complete the miles we are able to do, investing in getting to know people, and taking our time when we love a beautiful spot, even if that means only doing 8 miles a day.

We are excited about the upcoming halfway point in Harpers Ferry only like 300 miles (3 weeks!!) away. It’s hard to believe we will soon celebrate that milestone. 

These past few weeks brought some big challenges in terms of hiker family.  We found out that Sloth is off the trail and may come back only for sections later, and are really sad.  IronJen and Muskrat made the tough decision to get off due to injuries, and we are also so sad to see them leave. Lightbulb, our trail dad was also driven off by a torn rotator cuff and other family obligations and we were heartbroken to hear all of this. It made for a really though time, knowing that people we have come to know so well and rely on for support and love out here aren’t here anymore :/ it’s definitely rough, but it encourages us to always be developing our community and other relationships on the trail.

This week we head to Waynesboro, and then we get to Shenandoah!!! I have been looking forward to this the whole time! We will update more regularly now that we feel back in the swing of things. Happy trails!!


love our tent home !


made pad thai in the camp stove!!


the amazing WOODS Hole hostel


cutest cats at. woods hole


homemade, organic. goodness


two of our faves, rocket and timber


muskrat and iron jenn, we love u!!!!


on angels rest.


holy family hostel


found a stranded. turtle and brought him to water !!!


not a bad view every morning


hot and tired. LB!


our sweet friends steelfoot and peaches


four pines hostel, run bh old hippie jo. we loved it!!


LB on the famour mcafee knob



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