What We Missed 

It has been a while since our last blog post! So much has happened in the past few weeks, and we totally lost track of time!! Let’s do a quick recap of non-trail (but super amazing) things that happened: 

MB = moonbow aka Teresa 

LB=lighting bug aka Lisa 

  • My best friend in the world wins for best friend ever and always, because she drove down 7 hours one way from Baltimore to Damascus and retrieved us from the trail. She is amazing. Laura Flamm. You rockstar. We had a super fun time introducing her to our hiker trash family, and then driving back to Baltimore through VA.  A little preview of the trail to come. We drove right past Harpers Ferry. Crazy! 
  • We had a blast in Baltimore, trying on (and wearing) outfits other than our hiking clothes, eating delicious food, vintage shopping, and getting to meet all of Laura and her fiancé Brian’s super cool friends. So much fun! 
  • We took a plane to Minneapolis and Southwest caused us to miss our connection so we got food vouchers and ate a delicious steak dinner in the airport.
  • We had a crazy, fun, friend-filled week in Minneapolis! Moonbow did lots of professional networking, and lots of hanging out with my other bestie, Christina. Took C to get her first pedicure ever, and introduced her to “levels of femininity” she has never known. 
  • MB and C got amazing coffee, walked around town then ate at a fantastic restaurant called Africa Paradise and made friends with the Somali owner, bonding over refugee stuff, of course 
  • MB Got a whole new wardrobe from Savers, the best thrift store you can ever find, I promise 
  • Scouted MPLS neighborhoods, took the bus, walked, biked, and got SO STOKED to live in such a vibrant city with so many opportunities 
  • Biked to the Surly Brewery with our pal Ryan 
  • We did karaoke at Vegas Lounge for the pre-wedding celebration with all friends
  • LB helped her pals prep for the wedding
  • LB dressed like a prep star for a party themed “Night in the Hamptonz” and it was amazing. MB added the z for hilarious emphasis 
  • LB got a haircut and looked so fly in her suit for the wedding 
  • We ate amazing food and had tasty artisan cocktails at the rehearsal dinner 
  • We had the most amazing time that can ever be had at the wedding of two of our dearest friends, Melanie and Melissa. It was so gorgeous, so full of love, and just SO FUN. We shut down the reception with all our pals and then did a lesbian takeover of the fancy gay boy bar next door and danced all night long 
  • LB’s parents and grandpa came to visit in MPLS! We had a lunch and a brunch, not nearly enough time together, but it was so lovely 
  • We spent way too much money at REI, and got new (warmer!!) sleeping bags for this fall in New England! Yay! 
  • We hopped a plane back to Baltimore 
  • We had a super fun Memorial Day weekend biking, swimming and eating with Laura and Brian. 
  • Took an overnight Greyhound from Baltimore to Marion, VA to start our hike once again!! 

And now, Some pictures from the off-trail adventures, which very much felt like a vacation. The trail does not feel like a vacation. It feels very much like what we are doing with our lives currently. Maybe we don’t get paid for it, but it is our work, and it is not always a picnic lol. We returned to trail life full of apprehension about how it would be after such a long break, and no longer being with our on-the-ground support system, our trail family (see next post) 





2 thoughts on “What We Missed 

  1. Sticking with your stories.I work less often so I miss visiting with your mom Theresa. Presently I’m on a European Viking cruise on the Rhine down through Danube through Germany , Vienna, Budapest & Prague. Retired baby – boomer trip.


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