That 12 day stretch

WE MADE IT TO VIRGINIA! It’s so unbelievable that we have gone almost 500 miles on this crazy trail. Today we crossed the Tennessee/ Virginia Border and are in Damascus, VA. This is definitely a trail milestone, and honestly not many people get here. We are so stoked to be here! Apparently they say if you get to Damascus by Trail Days (big hiker fest May 15-17) you’re on track to make it to the end– whoo! 

Since my phone was dead, many pics are screen shots from Lightning Bug’s Instagram 

This week we felt great. We did 12 freaking days without a shower, laundry, or seeing a real town. In Elk River we got a hearty lunch but that was it. This was our longest stretch by far and it definitely felt like it. The showers we took today were the best of the trail, by far! 

Despite not showering, this week was one of the BEST! We feel like we have hit our stride with trail life. We feel at home on the trail, we are bonding with our trail family, and we are covering good miles everyday. We most certainly have our trail legs, too!! Earlier in the week we hiked out of our campsite at Elk River and didn’t get too far before we found a bunch of our trail friends having a CINCO DE MAYO party, Hiker de Mayo, in the woods. They were equipped with a piñata, enough tequila for a frat house, and lots of food! We had a great time together, but no one was moving too fast the next day…


That week we mostly hiked and camped with our trail pals, Spaghettie (sic) and El Mundo, and the four of us are kind of a little crew. Great guys, really easy to be around, so nice and lots of fun. Here is a picture of us and them with a wonderful lady, JENNY, who did Mother’s Day trail magic and gave us hot dogs and candy and all kinds of treats! 

This week there was as much fun as there was hiking. One day we hiked about three miles before finding a lake. We got there around 12… And left around 8. LOL. We had a little impromptu beach party, and it was so fun! Lots of friends contributed hot dogs, beer and treats. We grilled out, played card games, swam, laughed a lot, and definitely got REALLY sun burned, oops! #worthit 



We also got some fantastic scenery, as always this week. There were lots of waterfalls and it was so lush and gorgeous.  



Overall we are loving trail life as much as ever. We are definitely feeling like thru hikers now!  


2 thoughts on “That 12 day stretch

  1. Thank you to “Trail Magic Jenny” for helping to make my Mother’s Day with her fully charged cell phone. My new fear is that you will decide to relocate and be trailside so you can be magic to future thru-hikers.

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