Support our Adventure!

Hiking the Appalachian Trail is the adventure of a lifetime. Unfortunately, this adventure is not free! Living in the woods for 6 months actually costs a decent amount of money! Based on a lot of research and the prior experiences of Thru-Hikers we estimate that this adventure will cost us about $3,500 / person NOT including the gear we have already purchased or are in the process of purchasing! Whew! LUCKILY, we have been planning for this, and saving! We would not be able to do this otherwise. In addition, Moonbow’s great-aunt has left us with some money that enabled us to move this timeline up in the first place. So, we aren’t fundraising to be able to go, but we are fundraising to have a bit more of a cushion for when we finish.

As many of you know, we are going to be starting our lives together in Minneapolis, MN when we finish the hike! We are SO excited to move to a place that is such a great fit for both of us. It’s such a cool vibrant city, and of course we are thrilled about the about of BIKE paths and parks there are! We aren’t quite sure what jobs await us there, but will work hard (with the assistance of our friends there) to get something set up for ourselves. The biggest part of our fundraising efforts is to have some money set aside for this transition.

Options for Donations:

  1.  One-time donation of any amount
  2. Monthly sustaining donation of any amount

Mileage based donations (you pledge to donate a certain amount for different mileage reached. For ex: I will donate $30 every time you complete 100 more miles of trip)

As a THANK YOU for your donation we will write you hand-written letters from the trail, and find something really cool along the way to mail to you. We don’t know what it will be, but it will be awesome.


To make a donation:

  1. Use the PayPal link below
  2. Mail a check to the “Base Camp” in Ohio (request address via e-mail)
  3.  Preload Visa Cash cards and mail to Base Camp in Ohio

THANK YOU so much for supporting our adventure. We are overwhelmed at how much love and support we have already gotten in this new life endeavor. We know that none of it would be possible without that love and support. We are truly blessed. THANK YOU!

paypal donate

             click here to help support us!


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